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"Elevating Meat Excellence Worldwide: AQAREY-MEAT,

Your Global Source for Premium Halal and Kosher Products."

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AQAREY.GLOBAL is an exclusive representative for Beef R Us LLC in various regions, including the Gulf countries, Poland, the Nordic countries, Japan, Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, and Morocco. As an exclusive representative, AQAREY.GLOBAL is responsible for promoting and distributing premium KOSHER and HALAL meat products from Beef R Us in these specific markets the.

Beef R Us LLC, established in 2019 and based in Houston, Texas, USA, has quickly become a leading name in the U.S. meat production industry. The company emphasizes a commitment to quality, authenticity, sustainability, and meeting the highest standards of meat products. They specialize in producing Halal and Kosher meats, working closely with certified suppliers, trusted farms, and meat processing plants.

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AQAREY MEAT operates as an arm or subsidiary of AQAREY.GLOBAL, suggesting it focuses on specific activities related to meat production, processing, or distribution under the larger AQAREY.GLOBAL organization.

Overall, AQAREY.GLOBAL acts as a bridge between Beef R Us and markets in different regions, ensuring the distribution of premium Halal and Kosher meat products to meet the diverse preferences of customers. If you have specific questions or need more information on any particular aspect, feel free to let me know!


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