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Technology Solutions
for Your Business

Our Expertise


"At AQAREY Global, we offer cutting-edge technology solutions tailored for businesses of all sizes. Our team of expert partners specializes in developing bespoke software and applications to address the distinctive needs of your company. Recognizing the value of your time, we've simplified the process for you. Share your requirements, and we'll handle the rest. Our mission is to assist you in optimizing operations, enhancing efficiency, and propelling your business towards growth and success. Allow us to be your dedicated technology partner, navigating innovation together."

Innogration Technologies

Innogration Technologies provides a construction decision support system (DSS) as an intelligent construction-based AI platform that gives a real-time view of ‘Smart Construction’ sites as ‘Smart Factories 4.0’

For construction companies & real estate developers, Data-Driven decision-making for C-level management, and site management.   


Cybex Solutions

SuperCybex Solutions is the US affiliate of Decom Data – an Israeli IT and Cyber Security company established in 2006 to address the pressing need for outsourced IT tasks.  Decom Data provides full-service security, cloud, and technology solutions with a focus on Infrastructures Managed Security, IT Services, Networking, and custom business development services to prominent Israeli institutions.  Clients include the Israeli Defense Forces, the Israeli Ministry of Defense, Israel Prison Services, the Hebrew University, the Weizmann Institute and many more.




360 Technologies is an Entrepreneur and an Execution contractor company in the energy field.

The company deals with advanced, unique and patented energy technologies that give 360 solutions to buildings, urban and agricultural areas.


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